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We'll take the steering wheel while you push on the gas,
let us
remove the guess work and get you to your goals.

Get Individualized
One-on-One Coaching from
Team Adapted Physiques 

Our team of coaches provide elite level science-based coaching with a collaborative approach for the best client experience.

Team Adapted Physiques services and specialties include:

  • Fat Loss

  • Muscle Building

  • Contest Preparation

  • Reverse Dieting

  • Co-Coaching

  • Education & Collaboration

  • Habit Stacking + More!

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Team Adapted Physiques NEW ADAPT NOW app

Whether you are new to the gym or a seasoned athlete, our ADAPT NOW app has something for you!

Start your fitness journey with our pre-designed programs and
self serve options. New features and content  are added weekly delivering new tools to keep you on-track for your fitness goals personal or professional.

Expand your knowledge, get the FREE plan or upgrade to the premium LitePass membership and ADAPT NOW !

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No Gimmicks, Just Results. 
We only offer true science backed solutions.



Science Approved

We only carry supplements that we have reviewed to be of the highest quality and deliver results.


Support Science

OnlyScience Tee

Support your passion for biology, nutrition and exercise science.


Adapted Physiques LitePass

Your Last Stop In Fitness !
Adapted Physiques LitePass Membership

  • Q&A Support From Our Coaches

  • Virtual A.I. Assistant Coach for 24/7 support

  • Courses + Lessons

  • Exercise Library

  • Nutrition Guides

  • How-to Guides

  • Workouts On Demand

  • PED Library

  • Blood Work Guide

  • + more coming


Lifestyle Coaching

Take your goals seriously, join today.

  • Perfect for Lifestyle Transformations

  • Everything in Lite Pass

  • Online Coaching with Adapted Physiques Coach

  • Custom & Individualized Nutrition, Training, Cardio & Supplementation Programming

  • Weekly Feedback & Revisions

  • Personalized support as needed

  • Accountability & 24/7 Support

  • Supplement Discounts

  • Ambassador Program (Paid Commissions)

  • Price lock guarantee


Elite Level Coaching

Take your journey to the next level !

  • Everything in LitePass +

  • Everything in Lifestyle Coaching

  • Competition Prep / Athlete Coaching

  • Mentorship in the Fitness Industry *

  • 1 on 1 Training and Business Zoom Calls *

  • Ambassador Program (Paid Commissions) 

  • Content Packages

  • and more.

Extremely Limited Availability

Our Mission 

Adapted Physiques transcends the notion of being merely a collective of top-tier athletes sharing their expertise globally online; it embodies a vibrant community deeply committed to the ethos of adaptation. This commitment is manifested through discipline and work ethic, mirroring the evolutionary processes in biology where continuous adjustments lead to survival and success. The passion and motivation that drive this community draw from the psychological resilience needed to thrive amidst life's changes, akin to the adaptability seen in technology where iterative development guides progress towards envisioned futures.


The confidence and self-belief at the core of Adapted Physiques reflect the creative adaptability found in art, where belief in one’s vision underpins transformative expressions. This is paralleled by a focus on physical fitness and health, highlighting biological adaptability where conditioning ensures optimal function. Decision-making and problem-solving skills leverage psychological strategies for adapting thought processes to complex challenges, while time management and productivity utilize technological efficiency to optimize outcomes.


Continuous learning and curiosity foster an intellectual environment reminiscent of scientific evolution, with emotional intelligence embracing psychological adaptability for deeper connections. Adaptability and flexibility are exemplified through technological evolution, where design flexibility facilitates improvement. Persistence and resilience echo the biological imperative of survival in the face of adversity, and networking and relationship building build upon social adaptability, nurturing relationships through mutual support.


Leadership within Adapted Physiques is inspired by artistic influence, where inspiring change and fostering a culture of creative adaptation are paramount. This holistic framework for adaptation draws parallels from both the natural and human-made worlds, fostering a community that not only thrives but continuously evolves, embodying the true spirit of Adapted Physiques.

What to expect when you join Adapted Physiques  ?

Stephen Hawking famously said, 'Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

At Adapted Physiques we believe in just that, a science based approach to the basis of physique transformations. We are continually exploring methods to manipulate the bodies mechanisms, from metabolic responses, skeletal muscle hypertrophy, gut microbiota, and other adaptive responses to various stimulus from the latest scientific research.

The body has its own process to reach homeostasis, further investigation and exploitation of the bodies abilit to quickly adapt and overcome changes leaves us little room for guess work. The understanding of the body' and its functions make it clear that even as complex organisms, we must follow the biology and kinetics of the human body.

The science to achieve results using the manipulations required to adapt one's physique isn't as simple as one equation. Unfortunately there is no one size fits all algorithm, but ultimately understanding the bodies functions make it plausible to recognize connections and exploit them.

Using our methodology will yield one result, an Adapted Physique

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