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Online Coaching Course BETA TEST

Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


This course is Free for all Adapted Physiques Clients Adapted Coaching Methodology stems from the understanding of sciences and manipulating factors using that understanding to achieve a desired result. This course will cover the basic version of the Adapted Coaching Methodology, which will give you an understanding of how the body works, and its influencing factors through biology and exercise sciences. We will explore manipulations through nutritional intervention by the means of dieting strategies, food science & selection and supplements ranging from sports supplements to vitamins, mineral, herbs and more. We will explore the basics of the muscle skeletal systems ability to be influenced through resistance training, cardio and different physical therapies. We will explore further into physique transformations by visiting basic knowledge on PED's, meditation, mental exercises and human relationships to better understand the coaching methodology used to uniquely craft each individuals programming. To take this all a step further we have created the Master Class giving in depth explanations and resources to perfect your coaching craft which can only be accessed after completing the Level 1 Coaching Course. The BETA Class Launches October 12, 2020.




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