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Anthonie "TonyCanGrow" 

Elite Coach

Founder of the Adapted Physiques Competitive Bodybuilding Team

  • CPA Overall Men's Physique Champion

  • Bodybuilding Specialist Cert.

  • Sports Nutritionist Cert.


Anthonie Fallone is a young ambitious fitness entrepreneur.  He started weight training as a teenager,  where he originally trained out of a kickboxing and Brazilian Jiujitsu gym, and trained to push his body beyond its known limits. After reoccurring injuries, he had decided to transition into competitive bodybuilding as a men’s physique competitor.  Anthonie had attended bodybuilding shows actively throughout prior years, and the interest in the sport was more than there; after a few shows, he was hooked.

Sports nutrition was always a large interest for Anthonie, quickly developing from just a hobby, to a part time job working at a local gym as a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.  Anthonie was mentored by a well known local coach and was given the opportunity to run the sports nutrition department at Train Station Fitness in Windsor. After quite sometime under his mentors wing, he quickly advanced and continued taking courses and obtaining certifications to further increase his knowledge.  With a thirst for knowledge, he was able to continue his professional learning, while satisfying his enjoyment of reading uncontrollably; which was also one of his favourite childhood pass times.  

Anthonie has been responsible for countless transformations and has set a minimum standard for the coaching community with the Adapted Physiques Online Platform.


Lifestyle Coach

President & Educational Director

Ashley Fallone

  • CPA Bikini Competitor

  • Pn-1 Sports Nutritionist

  • CanFitPro Cert.

  • Bachelors Education

  • Teacher

Ashley has been one of Adapted Physiques biggest contributors, from managing, educating, organizing all the way to coaching and competing, she has done it all. As her primary career path as a teacher she has a great level of experience and has installed a large part of the educational information that has helped create the success of the Adapted Physiques clientele.

Ashley has a very innovative approach to teaching and educating clients, the education her clients receive reflects the great work she has done for the Adapted Physiques brand.

Athlete Testimonials


Classic Physique Competitor

Steven Corchis

I’m from Windsor Ontario and I love bodybuilding.

I was born in 1993.

I am a sponsored athlete through EHP Labs.

I have a 1 year old Daughter named Payton and a 10 year old step son named Jr.

I have been competing since 2017 but have not been on stage since 2018.

I have one regional overall trophy, 3 regional gold medals and 1 national silver medal. My one and only goal in life is to become one of the best IFBB pro’s in the world.

I will do whatever it takes to get there and for the remainder of my bodybuilding career Anthonie will be my coach. 


Men's Classic Physique Competitor

Jesse Virban

Hometown: Windsor, On

Born: 1990


I’ve loved bodybuilding since I was in highschool, like many kids I struggled with weight and body dysmorphia until I made my first step 12 years ago to pursue my journey.  With over the years I’ve managed to add 70lbs of muscle while undergoing a 65lbs weight loss. So it’s sad to say I’ve been on both sides of the fence. As my love for bodybuilding grew I began to grow as a person to, by helping me develop the proper mindset to finally under go my dream as a competitor and one day an ifbb pro. Since the first day I decided I want change I’ve been obsessed with crafting my body to what I have invisoned through the art of posing and training. I have been training and coaching clients for almost a decade now as well as trial and error with various diet/training methods but when it came time to taking things to the next level I knew I’d only trust Anthonie head coach of team adapted physiques and this is why. 


I met Anthonie almost 10 years ago now someone I always recognized who loved bodybuilding as much as me. Over these years I’ve watched him educate, compete and work his way to the top. He’s always had this persona about him that’s always made him stand out more so then others , his will to never give up. As I continued my own journey he has always selflessly been my second eye or there for me whenever I’ve needed it, this could have been advice or just a friend. The Anthonie I met ten years ago took an idea and turned it into a community, his ability to persevere and continue to mark his territory in this industry by working effortlessly from every angle to educate and provide everything a client could ever dream of was what made me realize, “if I was to ever coached by anyone I’d want it to be with someone whose always given more then he takes , whose obsessions lie on figuring out the unknown”, together I hope to achieve my dream of one day becoming an ifbb pro as well embark and help pursue his vision by educating and giving back to the fitness community. 


Men's Classic Physique Competitor

Nick Boutros

Hometown: Windsor, ON

Born in 1994

I enjoy the sport of bodybuilding, besides the competition side, I enjoy the physical artwork of building and sculpting the physique possible. 

I am competing as a natural bodybuilder, and have been working out since highschool  or an overall of 8 years. 

 I started coaching with Anthonie, head coach of Adapted Physiques after a 3 year hiatus. 

My bodybuilding goals are to earn my IFBB pro card, and get my foot in the door to the fitness industry. 

 With all the knowledge I have over the years, and constanlty learning more from coach Anthonie, I hope one day to be able to help others reach their fitness lifestyle goals. 


On my testimony for Adapted Physiques, Anthonie is a well educated coach, as well as cares for his clients. Easy to communicate with, always updates on changes with diet or training in a timely manner. 


Men's Classic Physique Competitor

Ryan Hammoud

Hometown - London ON


Hello, my name is Ryan and I am a pre-service firefighting student at Conestoga College. My ambition in life is to become a career firefighter and a professional bodybuilder! For a long time my favourite passion and hobby has been fitness and nutrition. I would spend hours and days reading and researching various methods pertaining to bodybuilding, strength training, nutrition and overall self improvement. I have made tremendous progress over the years both on my own and working with various coaches and I look forward to the many years of learning and adapting ahead of me.


I came across Anthonie several months ago via social media and was really impressed with his client results. I appreciate his “no bullshit attitude” and his brutal honesty. Anthonie will never put you in a dangerous position and actually has your best interest in mind. (Many coaches do not!) I look forward to the heat he and I will bring in spring 2021!


Men's Physique Competitor

Hamzah Albadry

Hello! My name is Hamza Albadry, I’m a Civil Engineer and an Athlete. I graduated from Ryerson University with a Civil Engineering Degree and I currently work as a field Engineer and a project manager in a contracting company who builds infrastructure projects such as roads, storm and sewer pipes, dams…etc. I joined team Adapted Physique since 2018 under the head coach Anthonie Fallone. Further back I suffered from a severe injury from a devastating car accident which I ended up paralysed waist down and severe neck fractures. When I was a kid, I loved soccer that I played it up until I graduated from university but from that accident, I couldn’t do that sport anymore. I started working out to recover from paralysis and I managed at the end. Then I decided to inspire people who suffered from injuries and disabilities by competing at a men’s physique show and I managed to rank 1stplace with help of coach Anthonie Fallone. I have also done acting in few Netflix and HBO series such as (suits, Green harvest, the boys and the Umbrella Academy). I look forward for more opportunities as I still have more goals to achieve. Ciao!!


Men's Physique Competitor

Safeen Thanoon

Adapted physiques helped me reach my goals in physique competition and I highly recommend Anthonie as a Coach.


IFBB Pro Lisa Kudrey

Women's Physique Competitor

My name is Lisa Kudrey and from a young age I became interested in fitness and nutrition. I was overweight and struggled throughout my teens and into my early 20’s. At this time I learned how to eat for lifelong weight loss and health. I have been lifting weights since the age of 15 but I became more interested in adding lean muscle and increasing my strength levels once the nutritional aspect fell into place. I became a Personal Trainer in 2010 and this led me to fitness competitions in 2013. I worked extremely hard and was awarded my IFBB Pro card in the Women’s Physique category in 2019. I am on a new journey working with Anthonie Fallone and Adapted Physiques with another goal in my sights - qualifying for and competing at the Olympia. 


Womens Figure Competitor

Courtney Clark


Bikini Competitor

Joanna Simion

Joanna is a 32 year old fitness enthusiast who lives in Toronto, Ontario with her much taller half. A graduate from McMaster university in political science and psychology, she joins the ranks of thousands of university grads who are not working in their fields of study (well, kind of). She also has a post grad in Human Resources Management. 


She has always dabbled in weight lifting and various exercise regimes, having been fairly active since high school. At a comment made in passing at her work gym, she took her love of exercise a step further, having just had her first competition in November 2019 at the CPA President’s Cup. On the road to this competition, she learned so much with Anthonie in terms of food, supplements, her body, and general fitness, and she won 2x gold and 1x silver medals in her three categories. This was certainly her first interaction with forced cardio and, being a bit of a masochist, found ways to keep it interesting. 


During the day, she is a mild-mannered (just kidding) Logistics Officer in the Canadian Army, which she has been doing for almost 15 years. In a previous life (pre 2016), she worked in Human Resources in an engineering and construction firm as well as an automotive manufacturer. She finally drank the Kool-Aid in 2016 and joined the military full time. 


Likes: dogs, hiking up mountains, exploring foreign lands, board games, correcting other people’s grammar, cooking/baking, spending low-key time with friends, and making inappropriate and often sarcastic remarks.  


Dislikes: loud chewers, ellipticals, Canadian winters, Toronto drivers, and delicate flowers. 

bio photo .jpg

Bikini Competitor

Jessica Moseley

Jessica Moseley is a Registered Nurse from Ancaster, Ontario. She completed her undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at McMaster University, and has been working in Thoracic and Head & Neck Surgery at a hospital in Hamilton for the last two years. She will be returning to McMaster University in the fall of 2020 to pursue her Masters of Science in Nursing, and with that, further explore additional pathways within her career.

Jess has always been a relatively active individual. Her role as Captain of the women’s Rugby and Field Hockey teams for her local high school was where her admiration for physical activity began. Sadly, she suffered a head injury at the end of her senior year in high school, resulting in her taking a step back from contact sports once she went off to University. After lifting weights at the local gym for several years, she decided she wanted more structure and guidance to aid her in reaching her fitness goals. She became a member of the Adapted Physiques team at the end of 2019, and has had her eyes set on making her bodybuilding debut by competing in the 2020 season as a Bikini Athlete.


Bikini Competitor

Colleen Sullivan

" Colleen's Testimonial "

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