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Your Guide to
Adapted Physiques Coaching Platform & Mobile App

The Adapted Physiques sign up process is super simple, follow this guide to learn exactly how it's done and everything included in our memberships. Currently we operate on an approval only basis, to ensure we fit each client with the right coach for their needs.



Sign up works like this,

First, you download the ADAPT NOW APP and create an account !
We will approve your registration and you contact us directly in-app.


Second, you will download the "fitlog" app, and create an account with the same email you used to sign up on the ADAPT NOW app.

This is the app we use to deliver your programming: Nutrition, Training, Cardio, Supplementation, Check-in weekly + more.


Third, we will send you a client/trainer request on fitlog and there you will fill in the intake questionnaire, food preference questionnaire, and complete your very first “check in” so we can assess your current physique and strategize a plan to reach your goals.

See here how to perform a check in on fitlog.


Next you will pick the membership that suits you best !

Purchase it in the membership section of the ADAPT NOW app, having any difficulty finding the right one ?

Message us in the app and we’ll send you right to the membership that suits you best, if your still deciding we’ve listed them below.


If your a Student we have a Bronze Membership that will set you up for success with Silver Membership Privileges at a rate that will allow you to focus on your studies and invest into your fitness goals.

Note proof of enrolment is required each year to keep your bronze membership active !


For general weigh loss, body transformations, preparation for a photoshoot, vacation or wedding, etc. Perfect for average joe's and soccer mom's to business executives and high performers.
Our Silver Membership will be the right one for you.


This will include in depth customized advanced nutrition and training programming that fits your dream lifestyle and goals.


For Competitive Amateur Athlete’s
Our Gold Membership will be the right one for you.

This will include extremely detailed programming to reach your highest potential and create a unique path for your career as an athlete.


For Professional Athlete’s our Platinum Membership is made especially for you.

This will include extremely detailed programming to push you to excel in your professional capacity and ensure you are the highest priority for your coach and any assistant that is assigned to help with your professional athletic career.


For Fitness Professionals that want to reach their absolute potential and be coached on every aspect of their personal fitness journey and/or their business/career in fitness, the Diamond Membership was crafted just for you.

This will include the most details and resources of all of our memberships to ensure your covered A-Z and even includes a content package that is upgradable while we help increase your brands value along side your personal growth in a synergistic coaching experience that offers access to our in house marketing team.

This membership is for those that live, breathe and eat fitness, those who’s requirements include a success team to ensure every aspect of their professional fitness journey is accounted for.


That’s it for our coaching memberships but we also offer:


Access to all the apps Premium Features for half the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

It includes :

  • Virtual AI Assistant Coach

  • Courses & Lesson Libraries

  • Exercise Library

  • Workouts on Demand

  • Food Guide

  • Recipe Book

  • Supplement Library

  • PED Library

  • Bloodwork Guide

  • Advanced Nutrition and Training Lessons

  • Broken Down Scientific Studies

  • In-App Store

  • Supplement Discounts

  • and More !


All memberships will enroll you in our Loyalty and Accountability Program.

What is it?

The program is built to reward your loyalty and accountability, you can earn points and exchange them for cash or merch, cash is available after $100 worth of points is collected and is cashed-out via PayPal. You are rewarded with points for challenges, tasks, achievements or supporting Adapted Physiques in various ways like posting content about us or on behalf of us.

How it works?

You earn points from tasks like submitting check-ins on time for a full month, attending all your monthly meetings, signing up to new tasks we announce, referring friends by using your code when they sign up or purchase or from purchasing products from us or our affiliates and more. The MOST popular way to earn points is submitting User Generated Content for us on social media, the TOP performers will be considered for 25-90% off memberships as a sponsorship and ambassador to Adapted Physiques. The higher quality pieces of content could earn you $10 per post.
Check the app for an updated list of how to earn points.

You can redeem points in the app for cash of apparel, cash outs are sent via paypal after you accumulate the required points for each reward, each of these will be listed in the app.

Points can also be deducted for infractions like missing check-ins, no showing on appointments, going "Ghost Mode" or failing to adhere to programming, an updated list of "Ohh-no's!" can be found on the programs screen in app.


How do I submit orders and content ?

In the Adapt Now app press the "more" menu button and scroll down to the Loyalty and Accountability Program, the top of the page will display your points, how to earn points, what you can redeem with points, how points are lost, and at the bottom it has two forms, one to submit user generated content and another to submit orders from affiliates for points, once reviewed points are added to your account every Sunday.

Note: Click here for user generated content guidelines, AKA how points are awarded for content and how to get the most points for your content submissions.


Last but not least… the rules.


We do have some policies that are unique to our memberships and what we offer as a high end coaching experience. These are apart of our terms and conditions when you sign up.

  1. Price Lock Guarantee, if you sign up and keep your membership active you will keep this rate for the entirety of your time with us, we raise our rates every year so the sooner you sign up the better of a rate you will have. If you change your membership you will lock in at the current rate of that membership and in the event we raise our prices switching again would require you to pay the new membership rate, if you stay on one membership this shouldn’t affect you and we recommend finding the best option when you start to align with your goals, but you can change memberships at anytime.

  2. If you leave you can’t come back, that’s right it’s one of the harder rules to understand but we have our reasoning behind it, but don’t worry if at anytime your financial situation changes or you incur an injury you can downgrade to LITE PASS to hold your spot and be able to upgrade back to the coaching membership of your choosing once any injuries or finacial events are resolved. Our memberships and their benefits run on a subscription basis so to keep your programming active you must be on one of the available memberships to ensure access to your program and coach. You can downgrade to LITEPASS at anytime to pause your coaching membership and hold your spot.

  3. We require a commitment of your time to ensure you reach your goals, all coaching memberships come standard with a 12 month commitment with NO SIGN UP FEE, 6 month commitments are available with a sign up fee of $150and if broken will incur a $300 penalty for early termination. This is in-place to ensure coaches and clients can be committed to a common goal and will do everything in their power to reach those goals. The same way a gym membership keeps you accountable for a year or school tuition increases your attention and retention to ensure your learning success in that program. We want you to finish what you start and this policy is created to do that and compensate our coaches incase they need to fill a spot last minute. We do however make special exceptions based on our own criteria in the event of life changing circumstances.

  4. We require a 30 days written notice to cancel any pre authorized transactions and programming, there is no exception for this policy as payment processors and administrative staff must process cancellations and communicate changes to our coaching staff.

  5. All fee(s) are final and non refundable unless they are advertised in a promotion which include money back guarantee(s), this is because the value we provide cannot be taken back and the hours of our coaches time cannot be refunded to them in the event of a refund request.

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What Our Clients Say

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Steven Corchis

Adapted Physiques has changed my life, without Anthonie and the team I would have never reached my potential year after year as I've competed.

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